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Don't bother me when I'm watching planet of the apes on tv...

The farewell party was a blast. It was great to see so many of my friends at once, especially those I hadn't hung out with in awhile. Besides the house getting a bit trashed it was a wonderful way to say goodbye. I have two finals tomorrow and a dentist appointment wednesday morning. After that I'm packing up my things and hopefully moving on thursday. So if anyone wants to come by and keep me company or pitch in with the packing feel free to pop by anytime on wednesday. If not then I hope all of you will visit me lots up here in P-Town.

I got all registered for my classes at PCC today which feels relieving. I'm taking western civ, women writers, painting, and an artist skills class. So besides some anxiety about getting the house clean and movable, things are working out pretty smoothly thus far.
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Is the artist skills one about... like... the business end of things? And you guys go on gallery/studio visits and stuff? If so, I want to know if it's actually any good (saw it on their class listings, was intrigued).
what time on wednsday would you have me come over? My schedule is that I go up with you, spend the night with you and racheal, then on thursday Venus and Nigel are going to pick me up from your place and take me to the zoo. so if you knew even approximate times of departure and schtuff that would be terrific!