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Blue moon, you saw me standing alone...

So, it appears that the longer I put off writing in this thing the harder it becomes to think of anything worth writing, which is why I haven't posted in months.

Things are good right now, I'm taking the summer off from working or going to school which has been awesome so far. We have big plans for beach trips, camping trips, and hopefully some travel.

Last weekend we took Tori (Rachel's daughter) to the country fair and it was such a blast. I always enjoy that festival but seeing a four year old enjoy it made it twice as good. She generally has a pretty short attention span but she was excited the entire time we were there. I got a henna tattoo on my hand and convinced Tori to get one too, and I bought a knit halter that I wore for most of the day (very brave for me).

I also went to LA with Rachel for a busness thing of hers the week before that. I had always envisioned LA being busy and smelly and stressful but I was pleasantly surprised. I certainly can't say that it wasn't busy, smelly, and stressful but at the same time it was charming. We visited my friend Leanna who has a loft in downtown LA and she gave us a walking tour of all the architecture, hip cafes, and took us to THE BEST MEXICAN RESTAURANT EVER. We were only there for a few days, most of which we were busy with Rachel's work stuff but I actually want to make a trip back there now and see the galleries and the areas of the city that I missed.

I'm pretty sure those are the only major things I've done thus far in the summer. Hopefully now that I've made a start I can fall back into the Lj addiction. I miss everyone in Eugene and would love to hear from all of you!
and on that note...

Where are you Amanda? I miss you!
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