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When I say you sucked my brain out...

So apparently my last update about how I was going to start updating all the time was bull shit. But It's been a crazy summer and I'm updating now. Frisky is still doing really well which is amazing considering the vet thought he would be gone weeks ago. He's very happy and cuddly and besides making messes all over the carpet he seems fairly healthy. I've decided to take a break from school and look for work, my financial aid work got a little overwhelming and rather than worry about getting forms from dad or declaring myself independent I thought I would take this opportunity to gather my thoughts and regroup. I've been dreading the end of my two year community college experience because It meant I had to stop stalling and make a decision. The financial situation with me and Rachel is getting hard and my mom has been nervous about my savings account diminishing. So to solve all of my problems at once comes the magic solution of taking a break. I can contribute more to the household income, fill my savings back up and have some time to figure out what the hell I want to do with my life. So that's what's goin on with me.

I've also started a new art project recently which I would love to post pictures of but I am pathetic and don't know how. I've been decoupaging/painting cigarette boxes and I'm really excited about the four I finished. It sounds kinda random but I needed a change to get inspired. Maybe someday I will sit down with my camera and figure out the pictures to computer thing but I wouldn't hold your breath. I might take them down to Eugene with me this weekend to show people.

Which reminds me, I'm coming down on Saturday and staying until sometime monday. I know I rarely get to see anyone for more then 10 minutes when I visit but this will be a longer visit and I'm coming down for the sole purpose of hanging out. I made sure that Amanda and Ashley would have lots of time for me already but I would love to catch up with everyone else too. So call me up or email me or something and we will make plans to hook up.
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