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He buzzes like a fridge...

Hellooooo World!

my internet has been down and I just recently got my laptop to stop crashing so I am now able to access my internet at coffee shops and other little spots in town. I don't have time to make super long update right now but I will say that things are great. I have the best job I could have hoped for, I've been able to connect with friends a lot lately, and things are great between me and Rachel.
Tori just turned five and with the new age she has transformed into a maniac. My mom and Jeff came up for her birthday and were able to finally meet my Beaverton family which felt really good. She also used some timeshares to get me and Rachel a condo for our anniversary which should be very romantic.

Well I should be getting home cause Rachel's gonna be waking up soon I'm sure. Hopefully I will be on-line more often to chat and update so i can feel somewhat in the loop.
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