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If you won't give it to me, at least give me a better view...

I haven't posted anything in awhile but things have been fairly eventful lately so I should go ahead and get caught up.

First of all I cut my hair, it's kind of a shaggy spiky faux hawk thing but I'm really happy with it. I'm also moving to Portland over spring break and moving in with Rachel. I was planning on doing it over the summer but the way things have been going it makes sense to just make that jump as soon as possible. And the last major thing is that I came out to my father yesterday. He gave me a very long explanation of why god is apparently unhappy with me(funny how god always speaks through him) and how this is all satan's influence on me. To make a long story short I'm essentially disowned until I want to discuss my evil ways and their biblical implications with him. Which will never fucking happen. So the epic battle between me and my father has finally come to some sort of conclusion. And as much as I'm sure I should feel hurt or something, I mainly just feel proud of myself, and relieved to have all the bullshit between us out in the open and done with.

I have a giant midterm today that will probably not turn out well at all, with everything else that's been going on I just haven't had time to study at all. But for some reason I just could care less, everything seems like it's falling into place for me, and whether or not I pass a couple classes seems pretty insignificant when I look at the big picture.

So lots of changes in the life of Jessica these days. And everyone should make sure to visit/call/hang with me as much as possible in the next month and a half before I leave!
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