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If I only could make a deal with god....

I'm living with Rachel now and my room is all decorated. I'm horribly sick but incredibly happy.

on another note...

Where are you blake??? Your phone has been off and I'm taking up the last of my things on sunday but have no clue what to do with the orange cat still living in my house. No hard feelings or anything, just a bit flustered about what to do with it. Please call me.
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I think we might like eachother, wanta add me?

sure, sounds good.
I want to come up and see you, let us play in P-town! I'll be missing you - Brit
My cell is the same so call me anytime you wanna visit! I would love to hang in P-town with you and you'll always have a place to crash if you're ever up here!
I cut all my hair off and dyed it!! Also, am sick too. Been rockin' the couch for the past couple days.
OOOOOOOOO! What does it look like?
...short? and dark(ish), and kind of choppy. I can kind of pull some of my hair into this little tiny ponytail, but most of my hair falls out.