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Lord knows it would be the first time...

Highlights of the last few days

-received email from father telling me how horrible I am.

-replied to father with an email that will probably end all contact between us.

-managed to get completely trashed off hard cider and beer.

-found out Beeji and Linda got Rachel and I tickets to the yeah yeah yeah's for our birthdays.

-drove back to Eugene hungover to have lunch with family and spend the day packing.

-was too hungover to finish packing so took rachel and I out to dinner.

-decided to crash at mom's for the night.

-was encouraged to go skinny dipping with my girlfriend by my mother while staying at their house.

-skinny dipped in mom's hot tub with Rachel while mom and jeff sat inside.

-applied for a new social security card.

-was hit on by 40-something year old man working at social security office.

-moved the remainder of my things up to portland.
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