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So the whole 21st birthday thing has been awesome. I've already gotten to go out a few times and will be going out again soon, this time to a lesbian dance night called booty. The big problem is that Rachel and I are pretty much broke. Which really sucks because I have a bunch of days off this week and I can't afford to take advantage of them. I really want to try out this place crush, it's apparently somewhat queer or at least queer owned and on Wednesday nights they have tarot readings and silly things like that. The ovulators are also playing in town on Thursday when I'm supposed to be going to booty, I haven't seen them play in so long.

A big problem I'm running into is that Rachel, Linda and I are moving to Eugene soon and at this point I have no idea if there's a single queer bar there. I thought I used to hear about some but neighbors is the only one I was positive was a queer bar and it closed down. The indigo district looks awesome online but doesn't say anything about being queer, same with Lucky's. If anyone knows of some let me know. It's not a huge deal to me if there aren't but it is to Linda. She doesn't already have friends in Eugene like me an Rachel do. And even I would be pretty bummed out if there wasn't because I really like that atmosphere and sense of community when I go out.

Anyways, not sure if I posted this yet but we're moving down around June 1st. I will be planning a going away party at some point up here and then probably a house warming (or house trashing) party once we get down there. Pretty much just cause I like party's.
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